>> Hello,
>> I am using vdr-1.4.7, and vdr-lcdproc-0.0.10-jw2, to drive a 16x2 
>> characters imon VFD module.
>> The display is really nice, but 16x2 isn't enough to display all 
>> datas. I would customize lcdproc to remove all EPG informations, and 
>> display only time, channel number and channel name.
>> Could someone help me to do this customization ?
>> Thanks a lot.

>I have a 2x20 LC display and once made this patch. It introduces a new
option "show time" 
>whice you can disable to have more useful information on your display.

I don't know why, the patch didn't applied without reject, then I made all
modifications manually. All is ok now, your customisation is great !

One more thing : I would like to disable EPG data. Do you plan to add such
option ?

Thanks a lot.

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