On 05/24/07 20:23, Pasi Juppo wrote:
> How about Klaus: do you see these features in a way that they get
> implemented in v1.5 -branch or maybe even in v1.4 -branch?

Version 1.4 is stable, so there won't be any such changes there.

In version 1.5 I'll lock at the various suggestions, patches, requests
as time permits...


>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>> Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 20:06:35 +0300
>>> To: vdr@linuxtv.org
>>> Subject: [vdr] Feature requests
>>> Hi,
>>> There are couple of annoying problems in vdr (v1.4.4 at least but most
>>> likely also in never ones):
>>> 1) If there is data stream problems in a channel VDR initiates emergency
>>> exit. This can be a temporary situation and gets fixed in few seconds to
>>> minutes.
>>> To solve this: change to other channel and infor user via OSD ("Channel
>>> not available" or something similar)
>>> 2) If there is no data comming from the channel (e.g. new decrypting
>>> card that needs to be updated first before it is ready to be used or for
>>> some reason the key is not available) VDR initiates emergency exit.
>>> Unnecessary action and user can do shutdown action if this is really a
>>> problem.
>>> To solve this: do not initiate emergency exit but show message in OSD
>>> ("Channel not available").
>>> Basically every unnecessary exit should be avoided because it does not
>>> provide any advantage to the user - just the opposite. Problems should
>>> be informed to the user and let user decide what to do in case of long
>>> lasting problem such as missing data stream.
>>> Minor feature that would be nice:
>>> 3) If there is a problem like crash with VDR and a timed recording did
>>> not get recorded VDR simply deletes the timer without notifying user. Of
>>> course the timer as such is useless but it would be nice to see that
>>> this and this recording was not done at all, was not started in time or
>>> was not recorded fully. This way the program can be re-recorded if/when
>>> it is broadcasted again.
>>> And if this information can be asked from VDR then epgsearch or other
>>> plugins can try to find missed programs again automatically.
>>> Br, Pasi

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