On 25 May 2007, at 22:29, Carsten Koch wrote:

Should I still buy a FF card at all or does xine or softdevice
work just as reliably by now?

Softdevice can give you really smooth fully interlaced SDTV output using a matrox G450 or G550 card, if your processor is fast enough. I'm using a pentium M at 1.733 MHz on an Aopen i915Ga-HFS and the processor runs at just below 40% CPU utilisation with passive cooling most of the time (the fan only starts when compiling etc). This setup might be sufficient for an HDTV setup in the future, by adding a PCIE gfx card, but it's hard to tell in advance.

A full features card still uses much less CPU however, and can automatically reclock the output based on the timing of the input DVB stream. If you're not replacing any other component at this time I'd stick with FF cards, and then swap hardware when HDTV F solutions pop up in the future, or when the requirements are better know for proper 'soft' playback of HDTV content.

Torgeir Veimo

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