Carsten Koch wrote:
Should I still buy a FF card at all or does xine or softdevice
work just as reliably by now?

I don't have a FF card but using a dxr3 in my 2nd vdr box so I have some experience about HW decoded vdr -- but

If you have a flat panel TV with HDMI/DVI input, I believe all the softdevices around will provide a high quality scaled and deinterlaced progressive output via graphics card DVI output. Sound cards with SPDIF or optical Toslink will give high quality audio if you have an AV receiver.

I'm using myself xinelibout in daemon mode "24/7" and use vdr-sxfe (fired from Matchbox desktop that is controlled by Lirc) to connect to VDR to provide 50Hz 720p full-screen video. MPEG Decoding (Xv) is suspended by a plugin after a timeout.


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