Dear Klaus,
I pay you respect, as you do a great job. You do a lot of work - for free - for 
the community! So, don't missunderstand me: I really do not intend to blame you 
But when it comes to the "Service" thinking of a VDR, things get difficult. VDR 
is a Service - nothing more, nothing less (SOA thinking).
The question "was there a recording" is neglibible. I don't care if there is a 
recording going on, when I want to watch a film. The main job of VDR at the 
time of watching a recording is to display the film. Who cares if the current 
_BACKGROUND_ recording is disturbed, it's a _FACT_ and i _CAN'T_ change 
anything at this time. But it drives me and my beloved mad, that we have a 
shutdown-show-shutdown-show (okay, don't want to do a cut'n'paste show here, 
but it was 10 maybe 15, 20 times!).
Make a switch and everything is fine. With your emergency exit you fixed 
problems, that are actually not yours! If the DVB drivers are buggy, try to 
push the responsibility to those, who _MUST_ take care of the problem. For me, 
I have Technotrend budget cards which never have a DVB driver problem, it makes 
make blood rush.
So long and schönes Pfingstsonntag,

> Date: Sat, 26 May 2007 21:19:34 +0200> From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]> To: 
>> Subject: Re: [vdr] Thunderstorm over Munich> > On 05/26/07 
> 18:24, Martin wrote:> > Who is interested in the weather in Munich? Probably 
> nobody, mine either> > as I was sitting indor to watch my favourite TV 
> shows.> > > > Then suddenly a nice "emergency exit" .. i had this game for 15 
> Minutes ..> > > > I do not tell you how lucky I am that the thunderstorm is 
> over now ..> > > > Thanks for letting me know, that vdr needs to exit, when 
> there is a> > thunderstorm, while i am watching ...> > Was there recording 
> going on at that time?> > Klaus> > 
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