Igor Nikanov wrote:
> Hello
> what do you think about this card ? Is it good choice for future vdr with 
> hdtv support ?
> http://www.hardspell.com/english/doc/sho...=622&pageid=644
>>From the results we can see the HD acceleration of HD2600 and HD2400 is 
> The CPU usage is only about 5% by using 1.6GHz Sempron 2800+ to decode 1080p 
> H.264 movies.

Unable to see what is behind the link because the link is corrupt. But I
can guess that you're talking about AMD's new line of gfx cards with
UVD. Yes, nice feature and definitely takes huge amount of CPU load off.
However, there are few problems:
-linux drivers are missing (AMD has said to provide open source drivers
but until I see them I don't believe it. ATI has never delivered open
source drivers and binary drivers do not work that well - pretty ok though.)

-if you plan to receive SDTV resolution material or any other non-full
HD resolution material you need to deinterlace (usually) and upscale it
to full HD (assuming that you are into HD material). This will require
more CPU power than what 1.6GHz Semprom will offer. Maybe these new
cards will assist on that area too but not from the beginning.

At the moment it seems that NVidia provides the best gfx cards for linux
HDTV usage. Hopefully AMD will provide something real to compete against

Br, Pasi

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