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> My assumption is that the problem occurs because of the missing wait
> call (if SystemExec is called 'detached'). I know, if VDR would wait
> in there, the script wouldn't run simultaneously. But if VDR never
> waits for the child's PID, the child's termination never gets handled
> and imho that's why the script remains as a zombie.
> waitpid( -1, &dummy, WNOHANG) called at some place later should do the
> trick. Or waitpid() explicitly for the child's PID, if we want to
> store the PID anywhere.

i once found this code somewhere and since use this:

System(const string &cmd) {
  // The parent process forks and then waits right there for the child
  // to terminate. The child process then forks again, giving us achild
  // and a grandchild. The child exits immediately (and hence the parent
  // waiting for it notices its death and continues to work). Now the
  // grandchild does whatever the child was originally supposed to do.
  // Since its parent died, it is inherited by init, which will do
  // whatever waiting is needed.

  switch (fork()) {
    case 0:
      if (!fork()) system(cmd.c_str());
      case -1: break;
    default: wait(NULL);

  return (0);

i didn't look at vdr's SystemExec, but maybe this code snipet comes in

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