i have a vdr installation with a PVR 250 analog tv card and xineliboutput as 
output device. On the input side, i tried pvrinput and analogtv. I could get 
both to work. However, there is still an issue with VBI support.

Using pvrinput, teletext support only works if patched as shown on the german 
wiki page (http://www.vdr-wiki.de/wiki/index.php/Pvrinput-plugin). But then, 
the tv output is not working anymore: i get about 1 picture / 2 seconds, and 
the sound is very very choppy.

Using analogtv, i could not get the teletext support to work.

If both cases (analogtv, and unpatched pvrinput), the files written by the 
osdteletext plugin to the cache directory have very strange page numbers and 
are full of garbage.

Has anybody any experience with a "PVR250-only" VDR install? I'd be happy about 
any comments on the issue i encounter.

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