As I've just been told that the scaffolding currently surrounding the
communal aerial in my neighbourhood will be up for months, I'm looking
at purchasing a DVB-S card. The terrestrial analogue reception is just
terrible, so much that my dvb-t cards keep choking and dying.

As I'm in the UK, and have a shared satellite dish I've been
interested in using the Sky Freesat service. I've read on avforums
that people have managed to get their freesat and even paytv cards
working  with TT T3200S cards + CI card + CAM. Unfortunately they're
all using Windows MCE and the information is heavily windows specific.

As I've no interest in HDTV (or windows), I was hoping to go for a
cheaper card. Does anyone using VDR in the UK currently have this
setup working? Would you care to mention the hardware you have?

I'd only be looking for the full freesat channel line-up, specifically
all the freeview channels I currently can't see! :-) I won't be
subscribing to Sky Tv.

One major issue is I don't have an extra coax cable heading to my vdr
server. I was planning on installing the dvb-s card in my client and
using another vdr server working in conjunction with the 'master'.
Installing another cable will mean digging up 25m of earth and
shifting some paving slabs :-/

Principally I'd like the whole setup to seem transparent in that I can
record from the 2 dvb-t cards or the dvb-s card using the same epg,
and shared recordings folders etc.
Is this feasible? This is secondary to just getting a proper digital
tv service working in our living room.

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