On 06/04/07 19:12, Pasi Juppo wrote:
> Oh, one more thing. If there were shorter lifetime than 99 then wouldn't
> there we at least some episodes from 2007 in the list? Now they are all
> gone..

Whenever VDR deletes a recording, it generates detailed log entries
about that. It would really help if you had the logs to check whether VDR
has actually deleted these recordings.


> Pasi Juppo wrote:
>> Cannot verify that these deleted recordings were using 99 as lifetime
>> but all remaining recordings do have it set as 99. And I don't recall
>> changing this setting in autotimer ever (default in my case is 99).
>> Br, Pasi
>> Helge Lenz wrote:
>>> Yes, VDR remove recordings, depending on its priority and lifetime 
>>> value. See MANUAL: a recording will last at least the number of days 
>>> specified in "LIFETIME" before it is deleted because another recording 
>>> with a higher priority needs the diskspace. Set LIFETIME to 99 and it 
>>> will stay until you delete it manually.
>>> Helge.
>>> Pasi Juppo schrieb:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> For some reason VDR has decided to remove recordings. I've been
>>>> suspecting this for some time but now I'm sure. I've been recording Tomi
>>>> Traktori (a serie for kids) and there used to way more recordings that
>>>> single page. Now only single page and all recordings in 2007 have been
>>>> deleted.
>>>> There is no indication in log files that VDR had removed these
>>>> recordings (although I'm not 100% whether there was log entry because
>>>> logs data back only to 13th of May).
>>>> What could be the reason for this and how to prevent this? There have
>>>> been over 40h of free space on the disk so that is not the reason.
>>>> Br, Pasi

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