Pasi Juppo wrote:
> For some reason VDR has decided to remove recordings. I've been
> suspecting this for some time but now I'm sure. I've been recording Tomi
> Traktori (a serie for kids) and there used to way more recordings that
> single page. Now only single page and all recordings in 2007 have been
> deleted.
> What could be the reason for this and how to prevent this? There have
> been over 40h of free space on the disk so that is not the reason.

VDR only deletes recordings if disk space goes below 1G free space while 
recording. In that case it will delete recordings without %-mark that 
are older than lifetime in days (except 99, meaning never).

There are some patches that also delete certain recordings after a few 
days automatically, but you have to mark these recordings somehow. 
(lifetime 00 I think)

The only pitfall I know of:
If the /video partition has another partition mounted into it, like 
/video/archive or /video/nfs-server, then VDR will not notice its free 
space. However, VDR will delete in these partitions if /video is running 
out of space, even if deleting in /video/archive wont give more free 
space in /video. You can loose quite a lot in short time by this.



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