> On Mon, June 4, 2007 21:31, Simon Baxter wrote:
> > I've recently got my TT-1500C, CI and Irdeto CAM working.  My cable
> > provider only provides encrypted channels, so can't do any testing
> > free-to-air channels.
> ...
> > Can anyone suggest any other testing I can do??  It looks like it should
> > be working?
> I'd suggest you try using the basic gnutv application from the dvb-tools
> repo first and see if it works. It just needs a correct channel.conf file
> to operate and it can also let you use the CAM menu (so you can make sure
> the communication with the CAM is ok).
> -- 
> David Härdeman

Sorry - can you help me with the syntax for gnutv?  I only get the menu!!

With my tests with VDR I can access the CAM menu fine....

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