Unknown Unknown wrote:
> May 31 20:23:38 localhost vdr: [3413] Local Time = Thu May 31 20:19:37 2007 
> (1180631977)
> May 31 20:21:01 localhost vdr: [3405] PANIC: watchdog timer expired - 
> exiting!
> Could vdr turn off the watchdog before it sets the system time, if that is 
> the problem?

IMHO the alert function should work based on the time-since-boot clock, 
not relative to the calendar clock. The watchdog did not fire on my 
machine while I was playing with the clock.

However, there are some other clock-dependent things in VDR that are not 
designed to handle larger clock jumps. Usually, clock jumps should be 
just a few seconds, and only after starting VDR.

You should investigate what causes the clock to jump 4 minutes. If your 
PC clock is THAT bad, its probably worth dumping the mainboard - you do 
want recordings in time, do you?
If this is due to different clocks on transponders, you should restrict 
the clock sync to a single transponder. (settings -> EPG)



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