By the way, I have another question about clock and vdr, I have put vdr 
setting to synchronise time with a specific channel and setup vdr to start on 
this channel. 
Unfortunately , when vdr start, the system is never on time, at least there is 
two hours minus. The main problem is that vdr look at schedule and if there 
is one setup at this time, even if this is wrong time, system records 

Example to be more clear :

schedule 18H/20H 
current national time (GMT+2) = 21H 
rebooting vdr and computer
current bios time is 19H
the system records my scheduled program (range 18/20)

Is there a way to force vdr to first update system time to transponder time
as design and after look if something is really scheduled ?

Thanks for help

Le mardi 5 juin 2007 19:26, Udo Richter a écrit :
> Unknown Unknown wrote:
> > May 31 20:23:38 localhost vdr: [3413] Local Time = Thu May 31 20:19:37
> > 2007 (1180631977)
> > May 31 20:21:01 localhost vdr: [3405] PANIC: watchdog timer expired -
> > exiting!
> >
> > Could vdr turn off the watchdog before it sets the system time, if that
> > is the problem?
> IMHO the alert function should work based on the time-since-boot clock,
> not relative to the calendar clock. The watchdog did not fire on my
> machine while I was playing with the clock.
> However, there are some other clock-dependent things in VDR that are not
> designed to handle larger clock jumps. Usually, clock jumps should be
> just a few seconds, and only after starting VDR.
> You should investigate what causes the clock to jump 4 minutes. If your
> PC clock is THAT bad, its probably worth dumping the mainboard - you do
> want recordings in time, do you?
> If this is due to different clocks on transponders, you should restrict
> the clock sync to a single transponder. (settings -> EPG)
> Cheers,
> Udo
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