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The details about handling multiple video directories are explained in

Basically, if you specify -v /var/lib/video.00 on command line, VDR will
automatically search for .01 and so on, and will use them all for

Disk usage will be split across all disks, even recordings will be
split. VDR maintains a complete folder hierarchy in the .00 folder,
using symbolic links to mirror files on other disks to the .00 folder.



Hi Udo,

I had noticed the symlinks to other files in the .00 directory - thanks for
explaining the rationale behind that.

If I have some existing vdr recordings on another partition is there a way
to include these so that they are visible inside vdr's recording's menu? I
have added a partition as .01 for example but only new recordings stored
there are visible inside vdr's recordings menu but none of the 'old'
recordings are. I guess what I should have done is add the 'old' recording's
partition as .00 and the new partitions as .01 etc etc. Other than changing
the order of the partitions symlinked to is there any way to correct this
problem now?

Many thanks.

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