>VDR still defaults to start recordings three minutes before scheduled time, 
>right? I wouldn't want to rely my recordings on a clock that is that bad.

That's why I have set it to start ten minutes earlier :)

>The worst I had was on a 286, running 40s off per day. Good thing that this 
>is over. Today, I would count one or two minutes per month as worst 

I agree that the clock is bad, but one of the reasons I started to use
VDR was because I had an extra old PC that could be put into use this way.
If I have to start buying a lot of new stuff, then I might as well
get a STB and complain and demand corrections when it doesn't work.
Now I just complain :)

>>May 31 20:23:38 localhost vdr: [3413] System Time = Thu May 31 20:23:38 
>>2007 (1180632218)
>>May 31 20:23:38 localhost vdr: [3413] Local Time = Thu May 31 20:19:37 
>>2007 (1180631977)
>>May 31 20:21:01 localhost vdr: [3405] PANIC: watchdog timer expired - 

>The clock was set to 20:19:37, and the watchdog fires at 20:21:01 - 84 
>seconds later. There must be something different causing the watchdog to 

OK, this is what I asked in the first mail:
"is it the watchdog causing the PANIC?"

And apparently it isn't the watchdog, but the log didn't show
anything else that was causing it.

I'll be going away for a month now but when I get back I'll see
if I can reproduce the PANIC somehow, just to figure out what
is happening.


ps I really hate using hotmail, the formatting is totally weird...

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