I just announced it in the vdrportal forum, but it may also be interesting for 
non-german speaking vdr users.

The pvr350-plugin implements an output device for the PVR350 TV out, using the 
hardware mpeg2 decoder. It was originally written by Dominic Morris, but he 
stopped development. Based on the last version 0.0.5 from December 2005 
(which was only sent to a few people), I adapted the plugin during the last 
18 months to ivtv changes. Although I have only very limited knowledge about 
C++, I also managed to improve some things. Andreas Schäfers helped me a lot; 
he introduced even ac3-to-mp2 conversion which is important if you use the 

Look into the README for requirements and further details.
There is still much work to do - feel free to contribute patches! 

For watching analogue TV from the tuner of the PVR350 you need a second plugin 
as input device. Because the analogtv-plugin is out of date, I highly 
recommend the latest unofficial pvrinput. Have a look at
and look into the README.

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