Most of the time when VDR shuts the box down using vdrshutdown script 
there is a line in the log
runvdr: VDR exited with status 134, attempting restart

I've got fedora with runvdr from fedora vdr package and it tries to 
restart VDR if exit code is something else than 0, 2 or 137. Sometimes 
the exit code is 137 but most of the time it is 134. This causes VDR to 
restart (or runvdr makes VDR to restart) and dvb drivers to reload.

What does exit code 134 mean?
Why is exit code sometimes 137 and most of the times 134?
What should exit code be when VDR is shutting down either because the 
user pushed power button or because there has been no user activity?

I've replaced fedoras VDR with my own vdr-1.4.6 compilation (due to some 
plugins not in fedora packaging).


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