You have the wrong format in channels.conf

check 'man 5 vdr'

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  From: Pirlouwi 
  Sent: Monday, June 11, 2007 10:15 PM
  Subject: [vdr] How to use vdr with DVB-T - channels.conf error

  Hello everybody,
  I live in Belgium, and would like to setup vdr with a budget DVB-T USB 
Freecom Stick.
  DVB-T is working well on my system with mplayer, xine, Kaffeine.
  I have generated the required channels.conf for that, using scandvb 
  But, with vdr (1.4.7), my channels.conf does not work.
  I get this error:
  $ ./runvdr
  vdr: error while reading '/video/channels.conf'

  When I use the original channels.conf given with vdr installation, I do not 
get this error, but it does not correspond to my settings so it is useless. 
  The format of given channels.conf seems to be different from the one 
generated by scandvb for DVB-T.
  Here is an excerpt of both files:

  Original VDR channels.conf
  RTL Television,RTL;RTL 

  My channels.conf

  Could somebody help me on that issue? 



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