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> On Sunday 10 June 2007, Kartsa wrote:
>> I've got fedora with runvdr from fedora vdr package and it tries to
>> restart VDR if exit code is something else than 0, 2 or 137. Sometimes
>> the exit code is 137 but most of the time it is 134. This causes VDR to
>> restart (or runvdr makes VDR to restart) and dvb drivers to reload.
>> What does exit code 134 mean?
> >From "man bash":
> The return value of a simple command is its exit status, or 128+n if the 
> command is terminated by signal n.
> So 134 - 128 = 6, SIGABRT ("kill -l 6").  "info SIGABRT" says:
> This signal indicates an error detected by the program itself and reported by 
> calling `abort'.
Ah, did not think of  that. Thanks.
>> Why is exit code sometimes 137 and most of the times 134?
> It's 137 when killproc (see /etc/init.d/functions) invoked 
> from /etc/init.d/vdr gets tired of waiting for "kill -TERM" to result in vdr 
> to shut down and issues a "kill -KILL" to really get rid of it.  It's 134 
> when you got a "crash" caused by SIGABRT.
> If you wish to debug it further, uncomment DAEMON_COREFILE_LIMIT=unlimited at 
> end of /etc/sysconfig/vdr and watch if core dumps start to appear in /tmp.
I'll give it a try. Would -t switch be helpfull with shutdown?
>> What should exit code be when VDR is shutting down either because the
>> user pushed power button or because there has been no user activity?
> 0 if all went well (and if I remember correctly).
Seems that it never is 0. At least in my case. Maybe I'll try VDR with 
no plugins.
>> I've replaced fedoras VDR with my own vdr-1.4.6 compilation (due to some
>> plugins not in fedora packaging).
> In my experience, crashes at vdr shutdown are almost always caused by plugin 
> bugs.  I'm not aware of any such in the Fedora plugin packages at the moment.
> By the way, which packaged plugins are you missing/adding?  The last 
> crash-at-shutdown bug I saw was in ttxtsubs; in case you're using it, my 
> patch for the crash is included in Rofa's "kermanekka" edition 
> (, Fedora 7 packages at 
> and possibly sometime soonish in Fedora proper).
I am using ttxtsubs. I do not actually need it more than occasionally 
because I have no channels witch uses this subtitling system. Maybe I 
could try without it.
> Also, just in case you weren't aware of it, if your additional plugins don't 
> require patching vdr itself (patches for subtitles and ttxtsubs plugins are 
> already included), you can use Fedora's vdr and vdr-devel packages and build 
> additional plugins for it instead of building a whole vdr of your own, 
> see /usr/share/doc/vdr-*/README.package
I am compiling vdr my self mostly because I like Soppalusikka :) I think 
there was some other reason(s) as well but I can not recall what :)
I had newer actually read the README.package and it was wery illuminating.
Maybe I'll have to start using readymade packages and give up using  
Soppalusikka :(


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