On 6/12/07, Klaus Schmidinger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

The function ExchangeChars() in VDR/recording.c converts characters
that can't be used in file names on Windows to "#XX", where XX is
the hex code of the character.

This was simple when VDR only worked with single byte character sets,
but now that it can handle UTF-8 this needs to be changed, too.

Currently it has a list of characters that can be used "as is",
and converts everything else to "#XX". I guess it is better
to convert any "disturbing" characters to "#XX" and leave the
rest untouched. However, this requires that we know exactly
which characters can't be used with Windows.

Does anybody have that kind of information?
Or should this be done completely different?

Note that I don't use this feature myself, so unless there
is some input from others, I won't be changing anything here.

I use this FAT feature so I can mount my linux drive on windows and stream
movies with vdradmin to my windows machine.  I have noticed that VDR might
currently be renaming a little more than is required.  Invalid characters

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