On 06/13/2007 03:27 PM, Oleg Roitburd wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2007 11:23 schrieb Marius Heidenstecker:
>> I do use a FAT32 external USB-HDD on which I store VDR-recordings with the
>> VFAT-option enabled. That way I can take VDR-recordings on that HDD to
>> friends' Windows boxes and watch it there with VLC for example. So I'd like
>> to keep it. Or is there a way to avoid that problem by, for example, taking
>> different mount options on FAT32-file system?
> take a look at manpage of mount or burn DVD for your friends with 
> burn-plugin. 
> Windows recognize UTF-8 at DVD very well

I guess the problem is not whether Windows can handle UTF-8.
The problem are the characters like ':' etc. that can't be used
in a Windows file name.

The question is: what happens if a FAT32 partition is mounted
on a Linux system (with proper UTF-8 settings) and a program
creates a file named "a:b" on that partition? Will it
fail? Will Linux see it but Windows won't? Or does it just work
magically? In the latter case, I can't really see how this should
be possible, because Windows just *can't* handle a file name like
"a:b", because "a:" would be (mis-)interpreted as a drive letter.


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