On 6/13/07, Pertti Kosunen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Oleg Roitburd wrote:
> As maintainer of ArVDR ( VDR distribution for Russian user) I would say,
> in 1.5 years as we use UTF-8 patch without VFAT part, I havn't heard any
> complaints about this issue.

touch 'foo:bar'

And dir in Windows shows:
13.06.2007  14:24                 0 FF4GBY~Q

You can 'del "FF4GBY~Q"' though.

The problem is not being able to share the linux directory over the network
to a windows box, it is trying to open a file with invalid chars.  When a
file contains invalid DOS chars, it will display incorrectly and windows
will not be able to play it.

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