On Wednesday 13 Jun 2007, Andrew Herron wrote:
> Hi,
> My understanding is that the updated epg data has been transmitted here
> in the uK across all dvb-t mux's since about March/April. Not all
> channels may have completely updated there backend systems yet but all
> the major channels have done so. Clearly launching the Freeview Playback
> 'brand' and therefore its feature set means the epg data must be broadly
> available for these new PVR boxes to work as advertised.
> So the data must be there somewhere ;-)

Is "Freeview Playback" the same as "TV-Anytime"? The latter is covered by 
an ETSI specification TS 102 323, though I haven't found a copy online as 
yet, and the data is carried in the EIT tables.


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