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> Hi,
> could somebody point me in right direction?

lots of useful info here:

> I am looking into configuring a second DVBS card to use with vdr.
> Configuration:
> Athlon 1.2GHz
> Memory: 512MB
> OS: Mandriva 2006
> vdr: 1.4.5
> DVBS1: Nexus-S
> DVBS2: Twinhan 1025a
> At this time I use Nexus-S and it works fine.
> What modification/patches will require to make both cards work with vdr?
> Is there any documentation for this case?

As far as I know, once you've confirmed both cards are being
recognized and working independently of VDR - your first step - then
VDR will require no changes other than 'number of DVB cards ' in the
Setup menu.

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