On Thursday 14 Jun 2007, Andrew Herron wrote:
> The document we need to look at is the one that specifies how to process
> Event Information (AKA EPG) and is called
> "ETSI EN 300 468". The latest one is found here;
> http://webapp.etsi.org/action/OP/OP20060428/en_300468v010701o.pdf
> It looks like section 5.2.4 contains the information we are looking for,
> this
> covers the Event Information Table (EIT). This should be possible to
> decode in a
> similar way the 'scan' program grabs, extracts and processes the Network
> Information Table (PID 0x10), except you'd want to work on PID 0x12
> instead.

OK I've tried looking again. The ITV1 multiplex at least is broadcasting 
EIT descriptor 0x76 (content identifier descriptor) which is part of the 
TV-Anytime spec. Oddly, I didn't see that last night.

More investigation needed, but the data does seem to be there.


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