En/na Klaus Schmidinger ha escrit:
anels work ok
>> with a dxr3.
>> Probaly antialiasing produces too many colours for the dxr3 to handle.
> VDR's skins first check whether the OSD in use can handle 8bpp, and
> only then uses a single 256 color bitmap (with font anti-aliasing).
> Maybe the dxr3 plugin claims to be able to handle 8bpp, but in fact can't?

IIRC (it's been a while since I touched the dxr3 plugin) it can only 
handle 2bpp, but it can also use various regions ("highlights") each 
with a different palette. The plugin uses this as a trick to obtain more 
apparent bpp, so it accepts 8bpp, though the number of regions depends 
on the distribution of the colours, and with too many regions the dxr3 
misbehaves or even completely hangs.
To simplify: it can handle 8bpp but only when there aren't too many 
colours in a single line


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