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17.06.2007: Version 0.10.0 (vdr 1.4.7 / 1.5.2)
- Fixed directory scaning in file browser if remembered directory has been
  removed meanwhile. Reported by Halim Sahin.
- Added processing of kNext/kPrev to skip songs. Patch provided by Peter Pinnau.
- Made subsampling mode selection for ppmtoy4m call in example image convert
  script backward compatible. Suggested by C.Y.M.
- Fixed a missing include in mplayer.c. Reported by Dirk Vornheder.
- Now closing all unused filedescriptors in MPlayer child thread. Suggested by
  Anssi Hannula.
- Now defaults to slavemode enabled in MPlayer plugin.
- Adapted to the API changes in vdr 1.5.0+.
- Documentation updates.

Stefan Huelswitt
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