Dave P wrote:
> On Friday 15 Jun 2007, Jonathan McDowell wrote:
>> On 12/06/07, Alex Stansfield <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>> If anyone knows any more about how the system works or has the DTG
>>> specification (can't see it on their website) please let me know.
>> MythTV seems to have added support:
>> http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/2811
> Hmmm. I worked out the scheme using dvbsnoop last night, then decided it 
> couldn't possibly be so simple. Seems I was right after all...

I've been finding my way around the vdr source code as the idea of
support for this series link has me interested in seeing if it's
something I might be able to do or help with.

I guess we'd need to store the series link information in the epg.data
file. The question is where? I figured the two options were to put it on
the end of the event line (the one that starts with E and hold the event
ID, start time, duration, etc) or to create a new line specifically for it.

Also I was wondering about the amount of support to be put into vdr. To
have vdr support series recording would, imo, be quite a bit of work
when there are plugins that cover that sort of thing. So I was thinking
that it might be best to start with just adding support for finding the
series link, storing it in the epg and adding the property to the Event

I haven't figured out how plugins interact with vdr to grab Event
information but it would need to be able to pass the Series Link ID to a
plugin if it asks for it. An example would be epgsearch, when I select
an event in the EPG and hit '4' it creates a search from the event. It
would be nice if when i do that it checks to see if the Event has a
series link and if it does offers to create a search based on the Series

Anyway that was just a few thoughts I had. If i'm going off on the wrong
track please let me know, I've never done any work on VDR itself before.



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