Tony Houghton wrote:
> Has anyone thought about VDR supporting PiP (picture-in-picture)? It
> would be quite useful, but perhaps not enough to justify the work.
> Supporting all outputs, FF cards in particular, would require a lot of
> processing power to decode two streams then encode the superimposed
> version back to MPEG 2. Having the feature in Xine would be a lor more
> practical, but of course then Xine would need work done to support it.
> But I think it would be trivial for it to superimpose two decoded
> pictures compared to recoding the MPEG.

See for the osdpip plugin. The latest 
version is quite old, but it seems to still work at least with VDR 1.4.7.

The link seems to be down, but you can download the latest tarball and 
small patches for it to add support for recent vdr & gcc from here:

Anssi Hannula

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