Hello all, hello Klaus,

I'm going to buy a new remote, the URC 7240 Big Easy 4.


It has basically every button one needs, only the Exit button is missing.

Would it be possible to extend the functionality of the menu button in a
way that it acts like the exit button in case the OSD is currently
active? Something like this maybe:

< no OSD >
press menu button
< OSD menu opens >
press 1
< program info opens >
press menu
< OSD drops back to menu >
press menu
< OSD vanishes >

I know some people like to use the menu key to close the OSD instantly.
So maybe an option to change between the two different behaviours would
be nice.

I think it would be cool. Even for people who have an exit button this
could be helpful. Maybe their menu and exit buttons are a little far
apart or their exit button is hard to fumble for.


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