Adrian C. wrote:
> Anything I record get's splited into numerous 
> pieces (like VDR is recording every frame into diffrent file)... so when 
> I try to playback a recording I don't get smooth playback but something 
> like slow motion.

VDR does split files, but usually after 2gb, or at least 100mb. If you 
get very small fragments, then VDR was stopping and restarting the 
recording permanently, and the syslog probably gives more hints whats 
going on.

> I have changed Setup - Recordings: Default Priority value, it was 50 I
> have increased it and now everything works ok.

This has nothing to do with file splitting, and has probably nothing to 
do with the problem disappearing. This priority only decides what to 
record if several recordings at the same time are not possible.



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