On Samstag, 23. Juni 2007, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> On 06/21/07 14:10, Stone wrote:
> > When I select a different default font for vdr to use (other than San
> > Serif), and save it to setup.conf, vdr does not use the newly selected
> > default font upon startup.  It seems vdr keeps defaulting back to the
> > original default font.  Has anyone noticed this too?
> I just explicitly tested this and after a restart VDR did use
> the selected font.
> So I'm afraid I can't reproduce what you are experiencing.
I experienced the same bug!
It seems related to the loaded plugins.
Disabling these 3 Plugins for me cured the problem:

For cpumon and pilotskin the reason seems clear to me: They call GetFont to 
initialize a static member:
static const cFont *font = cFont::GetFont(fontOsd);

For skinelchi this seems a bit more complicated, but I guess it also is 
related to calling GetFont too early (before config settings has been 


Matthias Schwarzott (zzam)

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