En/na Klaus Schmidinger ha escrit:

>> Putting some printf here and there, it seems that's ultimately calling 
>> cDevice::SetChannelDevice instead of cDvbDevice::SetChannelDevice, and I 
>> don't understand why, since DvbKarte is 0 (the first and only card, 
>> which should be a cDvbDevice).
> Are you sure that your DVB card is device number 0?
> Maybe the device you use for replaying (a software player?)
> is device 0?

Well, it turns out you're right, the primary (dxr3) device is 0, the dvb 
card is 1 and another software player (xine-plugin) is 2.
I though that dvb devices always cought the lowest numbers, then the 
plugins would start from there.
If I use CardIndex does it always correspond to the dvb device number?
i.e. /dev/dvb/adapter0 -> CardIndex =0 ?


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