I believe TV-Anytime is a European standard.

On 6/24/07, Dave P <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

On Monday 18 Jun 2007, Alex Stansfield wrote:
> I've been finding my way around the vdr source code as the idea of
> support for this series link has me interested in seeing if it's
> something I might be able to do or help with.
> I guess we'd need to store the series link information in the epg.data
> file. The question is where? I figured the two options were to put it on
> the end of the event line (the one that starts with E and hold the event
> ID, start time, duration, etc) or to create a new line specifically for
> it.
> Also I was wondering about the amount of support to be put into vdr. To
> have vdr support series recording would, imo, be quite a bit of work
> when there are plugins that cover that sort of thing. So I was thinking
> that it might be best to start with just adding support for finding the
> series link, storing it in the epg and adding the property to the Event
> class.
> I haven't figured out how plugins interact with vdr to grab Event
> information but it would need to be able to pass the Series Link ID to a
> plugin if it asks for it. An example would be epgsearch, when I select
> an event in the EPG and hit '4' it creates a search from the event. It
> would be nice if when i do that it checks to see if the Event has a
> series link and if it does offers to create a search based on the Series
> Link.
> Anyway that was just a few thoughts I had. If i'm going off on the wrong
> track please let me know, I've never done any work on VDR itself before.

One issue is whether this is a global standard (in which case perhaps vdr
ought to support it) or a UK-only scheme (where a plug-in might be more

Do other countries / broadcast systems implement "Freeview Playback"
aka "TV-Anytime" (ETSI TS 102 323)?

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