On Monday 25 June 2007 11:57, Richard Lithvall wrote:
> On 6/25/07, *Laz* <[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> >> I did read stuff a while back about people getting USB disconnects
> >> from them at random but I've never seen that with mine.
> Andrew Herron wrote:
>  > Same here... no disconnects.
> Which kernel are you running on? I'm still on 2.6.20 and are
> experiencing disconnects approx every 14 days... I haven't seen any
> decent report on the DVB-mailinglist that this issue have been solved.

I'm running a 2.6.20 kernel (I think I originally used the cvs DVB drivers 
for the card but I'm pretty sure they're now the stock kernel ones).

As for disconnects, seeing as the USB devices are hard-wired, they 
shouldn't disconnect! I've got a couple of the external USB2 Nova-t 
devices and they go through phases of randomly doing a USB disconnect.

Maybe it's down to luck whether your dual card disconnects or not (dodgy 
solder joints, or something?): I was a bit worried about this when I was 
buying mine but I've never seen this one disconnect.

The remote sensor doesn't work but then I'm using a home-brew LIRC 
detector which I've found to work much better than the Hauppaugue (sp?!) 
detectors so the lack of remote sensor isn't an issue for me.

I'd get another one if my Epia board had a second PCI slot!



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