I've recently decided to try xineliboutput over my usual choice of xine 

So far I've pretty happy with it but can't for the life of me get the 
lirc forwarding to work.

Lirc is installed, the controller is setup and tested to work (it's an 

Vdr is compiled with lirc support, when I start it the lircd reports 
that a client connected to the device.

I copied the example remote.conf from xineliboutput to vdr's config 

When I start vdr-sxfe with --lirc and --verbose it starts and shows me 
the tv.

When I click 'up' on the remote (which is one of the buttons configured 
in the example remote.conf) VDR does nothing, a look at the console 
shows that vdr-sxfe caught the lirc call and dealt with it. It seems 
it's not getting to vdr. It's the same with any button I press, whether 
it's in remote.conf or not.

The keyboard (also configured in the remote.conf example) works fine and 
I can control VDR perfectly with it.

Have I missed a step? The instructions regarding the use of lirc with 
xineliboutput were pretty short.

Any help greatfully appreciated. Let me know if you need me to provide 
any config files, etc.



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