Stefan Lucke wrote:
> Quoting Darren Wilkinson:
>> Torgeir Veimo wrote:
>>> On 27 Jun 2007, at 18:32, Darren Wilkinson wrote:
>>>> The problem
>>>> is that although I can hear the channel playing and I can see and use
>>>> the vdr menus using softdevice I can't view the actual program wether or
>>>> not it's live or recorded.
>>> Ae you using Xv output? It's prob the wrong colour key used for the
>>> overlay. Search the softdevice devel for a fix.
>>> --Torgeir Veimo
>> I forgot to mention that I'm using DirectFB only.
> And you forgot to mention which hardware you are using.
> With DirectFB we need hardware YUV -> RGB conversion support.
> Plain fb output mode should run on any hw, but requires some
> more CPU power.
> Stefan Lucke

This looks so very similar to the problem which occured to me some 2 
months ago (similar hardware and video output method):
As I didn't have too much time to look for the cause, I'm still at 
vdr-1.4.6 and using xineliboutput (working well), but now that I've 
catched up with reading few things on the ML which seems interesting to 
me, I'll soon try the latest vdr-1.5 as it now supports UTF8.

Lucian Muresan

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