Hi Klaus,

Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> On 06/13/07 00:21, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> unfortunately this patches do not fix Transtation problems complete.
>> i still have segmentation faults for example with softdevice plugin.
>> maybe this help: vdr has translation "none". softdevice as also
>> "none".....
>> at this translation "none" have i core dumps...
> Well, it was just a quick shot.
> I'll look into it over the weekened.
>> Klaus what about gettext? This ist better alternative to "Home-made"
>> converting.
> In the long run this is the plan, but as a first step I wanted to
> do the freetype and UTF-8 stuff separately.
>> Or minimaly without on the fly converting of i18n strings,  these string
>> use from the begin as utf8 strings.

If you remeber the thread almost 2 years ago, "OSD language settings 
stored as language code (was: i18n.c sorted)" 
http://linvdr.org/mailinglists/vdr/2005/11/msg00646.html at that time 
you first found it a good idea, then postponed it for 1.5.x. Right after 
that I also developed a working gettext patch based on this one, and of 
course, Alexander Riedel's UTF8-patch as it looked like at that time.
Now you integrated utf8/freetype in vanilla VDR yourself, and from what 
I've read (haven't tried or looked at the code yet) it seems you used at 
least parts of that UTF8 ideas. What plans do you have about gettext, 
how long would that run be? Would it make sense if I'd rework my gettext 
patch based on the current VDR developer version in the near future (I 
developed it exactly having in mind your sketched ideas fom that time

"There would be one file for each language in VDR itself, and each
plugin would also have its own set of language files. There will
also be a way of converting the exiting i18n files into the new
format." ). Interested (in the next weeks, not right now...)?


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