On Thursday 28 June 2007 22:00:02 Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> On 06/28/07 21:53, Luca Olivetti wrote:
> Maybe some broadcasters aren't even aware that they are not
> adhering to the DVB standard. So let's all call them and tell
> them about it. The more people call and complain, the better
> the chances things get fixed (at least that's what I'd hope for ;-).
> Building workarounds into receivers is certainly not the right
> way to go (even though it is, of course, a quick fix and may be
> sufficient for some users).

My patch is not meant to be a solution, rather a temporary fix until
the problem is solved somehow.

I have some experience with emails. There you have standards too,
but the email clients not always follow the rules. What you have
to do is to work around all these quirks.

Of course calling the broadcaster is the right way, but until they fix it
it would be helpful to have a workaround. There will be broken
broadcasts anyways - I doubt that we can get all broadcasters to
obey the standard.

What I was thinking of is to make the default encoding configurable.
A commandline option comes into mind, or using the default
encoding from the language settings.

The ultimative solution would be to make it configurable per
station, of course. But that would require much more work and adds
complexity, and it is probably not necessary for most of us.

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