>>>>>> The problem
>>>>>> is that although I can hear the channel playing and I can see and use
>>>>>> the vdr menus using softdevice I can't view the actual program wether or
>>>>>> not it's live or recorded.
>>>>> Ae you using Xv output? It's prob the wrong colour key used for the
>>>>> overlay. Search the softdevice devel for a fix.
>>>>> --Torgeir Veimo
>> I'm using nvidiafb with a GF 6600.
> 6600 ... I think that was the series, where they (nvidia) dropped
> the overlay unit. When I remind this correct, from this series on only
> the blitter can be used. So it _could_ be, that when selecting YUY2 as
> output pixel format _and_ setting "Use StretchBlit" to yes, video is shown.
> But this depends on DirectFB's driver capabilities too.
Bingo! Video at last. It now introductes an audio stutter and some weird 
menu colours but as my target system won't have that card (it's a modded 
xbox which I'll get a usb1 tv-stick for) it doesn't bother me.
>> However normal framebuffer is also
>> showing menus but no video. Also shouldn't colourspace errors mean I get
>> no menus either?
> Menus are drawn directly to framebuffer in RGB.
> Stefan Lucke

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