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am Freitag, 29. Juni 2007 um 17:15 schrieben Sie:

> Hi!

> I have problem with YLE and subtitles. Subtitles work on "live", but can't see
> them when watching recording..

> OK, If I have understand right the information what I found from net, that
> should be fixed at subtitles-0.5.0..

> So.. I use gentoo and it's packeting system. How I can include this 0.5.0
> version to my system, gentoo have only 0.4.0 version on it's repository.. Who
> is upkeeping vdr stuff at gentoo side... (OK, that "who" should insert
> vdr-1.4.7 too)


Yust zzam and me support the VDR and all the crap around this ;)

Sry for missing the "versions bump", a friendly reminder on

should help for this very fast.

btw. i am added the vdr-subtiltles-0.5.0 10 minutes ago to the
CVS tree.
Give the rsync server a half hour to sync from CVS, than
can you emerge vdr-subtitles.

To update the VDR to 1.4.7 maybe this bug will be interresting for

You can also update to developer version vdr-1.5.x

emerge layman

layman -a vdr-1.5

but dont slay us with bugs, this is the developer version !

We work on this 24/7 ;)

Gentoo Developer
Joerg Bornkessel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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