On Sat, Jun 30, 2007 at 01:05:18PM +0200, Stefan Lucke wrote:
> > Actually there's not much closed source that affects the usage. On the PC
> > side there's none, on the card side it's only the driver for the HDMI-chip
> > in the kernel 
> Damm, that's the nvidia way.
> They decide on which kernel it runs. If I need for some other device
> a different kernel which they don't / won't support, I'm left alone.

It does not affect the kernel of the host system, so don't overreact...
> To my opinion that is a nogo way.

Your opinion... From the outside it's easy to say that everything must be
open source...

As a small hardware manufacturer you have three possibilities:

1) Don't use a HDMI transmitter and ignore the market demand.
2) Use a HDMI transmitter, care about the NDA and deliver binary modules for
controlling it.
3) Use a HDMI transmitter, publish the controlling code and pay a contract
penalty of a few million $.

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