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>Well, you don't have to buy the card if you would wake up in cold sweat
>every once in a while because of the small binary-only part in the kernel. 
>But IMO you can wait until the end of time for a full open source HDTV card
>with HDMI output. If you have the time... ;-)
Agreed on all your points. In the end the "firmware" of this card is 
more open then the one of the Nowadays common FF cards - so what ? I'm 
caring only for two things at the moment:

1.) That the card comes and can also be bought
2.) That the card fits into my budget (That i can and want to pay it)

To my understanding its just about feeding the stream into the card.

Another thing: Will it have a proper framebuffer ? I mean the main 
problem of the current FF cards is that you can't do a lot of things 
because of the very limited OSD. ScumVM etc pp would be a really nice 

Just my two cents - Steffen

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