Simon schrieb:

>Georg Acher wrote:
>>And quite frankly, the "dumb" consumer doesn't care about HDCP and its
>>implications. Compared to DRM on music, HDCP is invisible to him, he has no
>>visible disadvantage. So all the boycott stuff is for freaks only. The
>>consumer buys a display with HDMI and it just works (with or without
>>HDCP). BTW: HDMI doesn't mean you have to enable HDCP.
>I cannot let this pass.
>They don't know they need to care, but they will, down the line after
>their money has been taken.
That may be or they just recognize that this "computerstuff" again just 
not works as advertized and they will buy it again the next time. The 
"freaks" trying to fix their stuff as good as possible after having 
prayed why they should not have bought it in the first place.

>I own a sony HD projector that is not permitted to display HD content!
>this will happen to a lot more people and they will care. Especially
>when the next DRM protocol comes along. Its already happening to both
>protocols and DRM standards. I noticed that on the xine mailing
>list there was a request to encode wma content because their phone
>only supported that. With the rapidly growing green awareness there
>is the potential for a backlash against manufacturers that force
>consumers to dump working kit just because the hardware doesn't talk
>the same protocol. open standards are the only way to prevent that kind
>of waste and frustration. The problem with all DRM (and to some degree
>the rapidly changing protocols) is that the problems appear long after
>the initial purchase. They control the interface between equipment or
>media and as such it costs significant resources to fix, repair, replace
>or bypass etc and then only if its legal and purchasable.
And you really think somebody will recognize that ? Its again just that 
computer stuff that does not work as advertised ... I really hope you 
are right and people are understanding what open standards and open 
protocols are good for.

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