On 07/02/07 22:06, VDR User wrote:
> I have discovered that the sysinfo plugin written by Kikko forces
> VDR-1.5.x to use the default font rather then the user-defined
> setting.  I emailed the author and he responded by saying he won't fix
> his plugin until Klaus releases a final version of 1.5, which could be
> quite a long time.  I don't understand the logic behind his decision
> but nonetheless it's his to make so ...
> I don't think the problem is that hard to fix but I don't have enough
> knowledge of C to do it myself so I'm asking publically if anyone can
> have a look and come up with a possible fix/patch for the problem.
> The newest version of sysinfo is 0.1.0a, which is what I'm using.  The
> plugin can be found at:
> http://kikko77.altervista.org/index.php?mod=Download
> Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

Just took a quick glance at the source.
You may want to get rid of the

static const cFont *font = cFont::GetFont(fontOsd);

stuff. This should be done when the plugin actually
needs the font, not during initialization time.


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