On 02/07/07, Simon Natterer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> when I try to start femon with xineliboutput nothing apears. It seems to
> to start but nothing is shown on screen (using vdr-sxfe or xine
> directly). Starting femon on console works when vdr is not running. All
> other plugins seem to work. Experimenting with OSD settings in
> xineliboutput options didn't solve the problem.
> femon 1.1.3
> xineliboutput 1.0.0-rc2
> vdr 1.4.7
> Any ideas?

Hi Simon,

Try this post from 20th May :

"[vdr] cFemonOsd::Show() cannot open frontend device"

You could check your logs for the above line to confirm we've got the
same issue.

all the best,

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