On 7/5/07, Luca Olivetti <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> En/na VDR User ha escrit:
> > On 7/5/07, Luca Olivetti <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >> Just a wild guess, but if you usually leave your vdr pc switched on,
> >> leaving it off for a while could make it not work right when turned back
> >> on (usually capacitors are to blame).
> >
> > Where did you hear this?  100% incorrect.
> It actually happened to me, twice: an old pace mss1000, unplugged while
> on holiday, didn't turn on when I came back, I had to recap the power
> supply. One year later the same happened to the tv (this time it was
> just one capacitor in the power supply).
> Oh, and bad capacitors is a known a plague in many motherboards (yes, I
> have one that failed due to bad capacitors, you can see those for the
> leaked electrolyte or the bulged top, and even my current vdr machine
> needed a replacement capacitor).

Yeah, I know how to tell if a capacitor is bad, went to college for
electronic engineering.  In all my years of working with electronics I
have never seen a capacitor blow because a device was left on for a
long period of time and then turned off.  I'd recommend buying better
equipment if you're having a problem with (cheap) parts failing.
Although there's really only a small handful of component
manufacturers that are generally used anyways..

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