>> gentoo-vdr-scripts, locales, UTF-8 and Scandinavian characters (umlauts):
>> After getting VDR 1.5.5 working, one quite annoying problem was left:
>> all non-7-bit characters were displayed as ?-marks, if using
>> gentoo-vdr-scrips (which I'm quite dependant for the functionality
>> they provide, but unfortunately made for <1.5.0 in mind). I found that
>> in /usr/share/vdr/rcscripts/pre-start-45-utf8-check.sh all locales are
>> reset to POSIX; however, this makes VDR 1.5.5 misbehave. I modified
>> the script so that LC_ALL and LANG are set to fi_FI.UTF-8, and now
>> everything works like a charm.

> Well, we are still in discussion phase how gentoo-vdr-scripts should behave.
> Attached is some code we think could be almost ready for commiting to
> gentoo-vdr-scripts.

Fixed in newest script Version,

Please upgrade to gentoo-vdr-scripts-0.4.0

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