Martin Werner wrote:

> I am stil uncertain of what DVB-S2 Hardware I should buy. But if you can give 
> me a hint, I go - buy - and watch Pro7 tomorrow in HDTV. I don't want to make 
> an advertisement here, but it's easy for me to grab a SAT PCI-KARTE TECHNISAT 
> SKYSTAR HD (Bestnr.: 941604) 
> http://www.conrad.de/scripts/wgate/zcop_b2c/!?perform_special_action=Produktdetail&product_show_id=941604&p_page_to_display=fromoutside
> Does it work? I use anways XINE as frontend .. so, I only would need to 
> install the new card and apply your patch.

Well, the next vdr-xine release will support it. It works here already,
but the biggest drawback is that FFmpeg "lacks" interlaced H.264
decoding (PAFF, MBAFF), i. e. FFmpeg crashes after a few frames.

When I got it right on the FFmpeg-devel mailing list, it seems that
interlaced H.264 decoding got a google summer of code 2007 project. So
lets see what we get later this year.

Also, the multithreaded H.264 decoding sounds promising, as a single
core cannot cope with 1920x1080.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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